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Tool Tales
Stories and Tips for the Antique Tool Collector

Herbert P. Kean

Storytelling is an ancient art. At their best, stories provide a very personal and engaging way to pass information, experience, insight and imagination from one group to another, from one generation to another. Tool Tales is full of such stories. Its author, Herb Kean, is a noted tool collector, dealer, restorer and author (as well as renowned raconteur).


Here, he has culled from magazines, journals, newspapers and encyclopedias 50 of his best stories and "tips" columns, written over the course of his long career. These stories range from whimsical tales of trips taken in search of old tools to more technical pieces detailing the "how-to's" of solving many a knotty tool-related problem. Full of valuable information to help the reader in buying, selling and restoring antique tools, they are also full of wit and good, old-fashioned fun.

224 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9", © 2002
Order Number: AP057............. $17.95 $14.95

 "…Well-told stories of the kind collectors relish"
         — Booklist, EAIA
"Full of information to help in buying, selling and restoring antique. Good, old-fashioned fun."New England Antiques Journal

"Whether tool collectors or not, readers who just enjoy a good story with lots of humor will enjoy this book." — Maine Antique Digest

"Short and witty, just right for those hard-to find minutes of relaxation" …"it's on my best seller list!" — The Gristmill

"A good relaxed read, presented in a wonderful humorous style seldom found in technical publications." —- TATHS

"A great present for any tool collector." — Shavings

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