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  A Source Book for Rule Collectors

Philip E. Stanley

A Source Book for Rule Collectors by Philip E. Stanley

Rule collectors rejoice! In A Source Book for Rule Collectors and its companion A Rule Concordance and Value Guide, Philip Stanley has crafted a masterfully comprehensive, beautifully illustrated reference guide to measuring instruments covering their history, use, and value. A Source Book for Rule Collectors includes:

Selected reprints of the best articles of the last 100 years
An extensive discussion of the materials, construction, graduations
  and uses of rules
A thorough cataloging of rule accessories offered over the years
A detailed table of the European measures used before the metric   system
A complete bibliography.


The Concordance and Value Guide contributes:

Complete information identifying and comparing all rules made by all   major American makers
Estimates for each rule's value as a function of condition and maker
A discussion of the factors affecting rule value, including condition,   selling environment and charisma.

These books are not only an essential reference set, but a pleasure to read as well. Mr. Stanley's breadth of knowledge and his regard for the rules he discusses are apparent throughout. Whether you are an antique tool dealer, a rule collector or a student of the history of technology, these books will add tremendous depth to your appreciation of these marvelously ingenious tools.

361 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8.5" x 11" and 6" x 9", 2004
Order Number: AP170...........$45.00

"Prior to reading, I knew nothing about rules except I used them to measure distances and draw lines. Now I understand the multiplicity of uses of early rules and their importance in the 19th and early 20th centuries in the "building" of this country. The books tell me everything I would need to know about the history, manufacturers, construction, types, use, and today's value of rules." — John W. Docktor, former president and currently Webmaster for the Washington Map Society

"Contains page after page of reprinted articles, rule descriptions, accessories, material, construction, rule use, etc. The accompanying value is an outstanding achievement." — The Workbench

"If anyone interested in the history and technology of rules could have only one book, this is the one to own!" — Shavings

"A reference book essential for any rule collector." — Mary Lou Stover, The Gristmil

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