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The Rule Book
Measuring for the Trades

Jane Rees & Mark Rees

This book focuses on the measuring tools used by tradesmen and professionals in their everyday work, on the trades in which specific tools were used and how these tools were made and by whom. The intention is that the information contained here will be of use to collectors and researchers by explaining how the measuring devices were used and by placing them in a trade and social context.


No book of this size could hope to describe in detail every type of measuring device so it is those measuring items likely to be found and collected today that have been included. Some are included because they are regularly encountered; others because they reflect important historical trends or developments. Still others pose intriguing intellectual challenges. Finally, many are simply attractive objects. It is a truism that to measure accurately the measure itself must be finely made and in this can lie great appeal. Special features include illustrated appendixes, a checklist of rule makers and dealers, a full index, and separate index of names.

About the Authors:
Jane and Mark Rees started work on this book ten years ago. Sadly, Mark did not live to see its completion but it is still very much a book written by them both. Jane has worked to complete this since Mark’s passing in 2001 – this book is a fitting memorial to him. Jane Rees trained as an architect, concentrating during her working life on the restoration and renovation of historic buildings. She and Mark were founder members of the Tools and Trades History Society and she is now a Vice-President of the Society. She is a historian of technology and trades and is the author of several publications in the field. Together, they were also dealers in the hand tools and artifacts of many trades, most of which are now only a memory. This book is a combination of their academic and commercial expertise and their passion for sharing knowledge. Over 1,000 illustrations - 100s in full color.

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