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Punch & Drift Course with Mark Aspery DVD

Presented by the BlacksmitHer Academy

This course teaches you many different ways of punching and drifting through hot steel. This is a fundamental blacksmith skill to learn and with practice, you will eventually become proficient with punching and drifting. The course has 9 modules and each module contains "bite-sized" video lessons teaching different ways to punch and drift. With a total of 40 lessons and over 3 hours of content from Mark Aspery, you will feel confident to take this information to your shop and try each technique!

Modules Topics include: The Rationale of Method; Drifts; Angled Pass-troughs’; Diamond Shaped Holes; Punching Corners of Square Bar; Blockings; Punching for Collars; Pass-through on a Flat Bar; Making a Slot Punch; and bonus material including Punch and Drift Exercises; Punched Off Center?; and Q&A on Monkey Tools.


 DVD, Full Color, 180 minutes, ©2016
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