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More Makers of
American Machinist's Tools

Kenneth L. Cope

More Makers of Americcan Machinist's Tools by Kenneth L. Cope

Here is the much-anticipated sequel to the author’s Makers of American Machinist’s Tools and American Machinist’s Tools: An Illustrated Directory of Patents, pioneering works on machinist’s tools and their makers. These books together provide the most comprehensive historical directory ever of the machinist tool industry and its technology.

This volume covers hundreds of additional makers. There is also new material on the “Big Five” makers, with several of their previously unknown tools. The research and illustrations in this, and Cope’s earlier volumes, provide a truly unique and incomparable reference source for collectors, dealers and researchers.


165 pages, Paperback, B&W, 7" x 10", © 1998
Order Number: AP832...........$19.95

“Some of the best reference material on the market…this is a book any serious tool collector should own.” —Antique Week

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