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Old–Fashioned Tools, Materials, and Processes
for the Handyman

Paul N. Hasluck

With over 2,000 black–and–white illustrations and clear, practical instructions given by expert handyman and blacksmith Paul N. Hasluck, Metalworking offers everything you need to know to turn a chunk of metal into a useful and well–crafted product.


From building a blast furnace and polishing metals to forging iron and steel and spinning metals on a lathe, this comprehensive guidebook includes the tools, materials, and processes that are fundamental to the art of metalworking. Included here is information on working sheet metals, gold, and silver; building a dynamo and electric motor; making a vertical steam engine; and more!

This ultimate, do–it–yourself guide to metalworking is ideal for all handymen and women, do–it–yourself–types, and industry professionals—amateur and seasoned alike!

750 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8.5" x 11", 2011
Order Number: SJ247...........$17.95

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