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Making Mobiles

Bruce Cana Fox

When observing an especially beautiful mobile, beginning artists often think, “Wow, I want to make one like THAT!” If you have stood under a mobile by Alexander Calder and entertained such thoughts, this book will help you “make one like that.”This guide provides practical and encouraging step-by-step instructions for making horizontally balanced mobiles. From assembling the materials and tools through the designing, fabricating, assembly, painting, and hanging stages, you can create your own mobiles, with Bruce at your side the whole time. His 19 carefully written chapters and 190 color photographs let you see and understand all the stages toward creating your mobiles. He even shows you how to fix a mistake and pack it for shipping.By following Bruce’s steps and positive attitude, hours of fun and challenge will be rewarded with art you are proud of.



80 pages, 199 Color Pictures, Paperback, 8.5" x 11", 2006
Order Number: SJ322.........$14.95

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