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Dynamic Details

Dona Z. Meilach

Dona Z. Meilach shows how focusing on the iron details of flowers, leaves, and amazing critters makes ordinary fences, gates, and chandeliers extraordinary. Functional joints become beautiful elements for furniture, fireplace accessories, candlestick holders, and other iron items we use daily.


Over 250 photographs display details of contemporary iron objects, including flowers, grape clusters, leaves, small and large animals that attest to the blacksmith's role as a sculptor. There are amazing scrolls, folds, twists, textures, and weaves not normally associated with the hard metal. But with heat, hammer, talent, and muscle the modern artist-blacksmith is forging exciting forms that permeate our surroundings.

160 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 9" x 11", 2007
Order Number: CB2634...........$39.95

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