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How to Cast Small Metal and
Rubber Parts, 2E

William A. Cannon

Using this excellent sourcebook as a guide, you can easily make high quality, defect-free castings for almost any purpose ... at amazingly low cost! Just some of the countless uses you'll find for this potentially profitable skill ... making obsolete or vintage car parts, hood ornaments, garden and fireplace tools, kitchen utensils, automotive parts, replacing broken antique parts, reproducing sculpture, plaques, and other art ... all kinds of decorative and useful objects for your own use or to sell!


You'll learn how to reproduce or create new items of brass, bronze, or other metals ... or almost anything made of rubber. Cannon shows you how to organize your own home workshop -- the equipment you'll need, how much it costs, and how to set it all up! You can even open your own full- or part-time business.

168 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9", 1986
Order Number: SJ249...........$19.00

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