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History on the Road
The Painted Carts of Sicily

Marcella Croce and Moira Harris

In Sicily, decorated carts (carretti) pulled by horses and donkeys over country paths are an important creative cultural expression. These carts feature visions of the saints, Charlemagne, operatic scenes, and the histories of Napoleon, Columbus, Cortez, and even Mussolini. The authors examine the history, culture and use of these carts, as well as the generations of artisans who decorated them.

They include who owned them, which museums have the best examples, where to buy the carts and over 100 vintage black and white and fourcolor illustrations giving the best examples of these pieces of art.


This title has been selected for the Eric Hoffer Book Award Notable Mention Culture Book. Visit for more information.

120 pages, Paperback, Full Color, 2006
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