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The Golden Age of Ironwork

Henry Jones Magaziner

In the introduction by Roger Moss he relates that the idea for The Golden Age of Ironwork comes from a book by Philip Wallace published in 1930. He states, "But no Philadelphia overview like those for New York City and Richmond has appeared to replace Philip B. Wallace's narrowly-focused Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia (New York, 1930).

Now, happily, such a book exists. Henry Jonas Magaziner has done far more than update Wallace. He has expanded the coverage well into the twentieth century and added much useful information on the architects, craftsmen, and the buildings of which the ironwork is such an important part.


Photographer Robert D. Golding, whose splendid images appear here and in accompanying exhibition at The AthenŠum of Philadelphia. Moss goes on to say, "The work of Yellin and other gifted ironsmiths is the subject of this study. It also includes the creations of some of the foundries, that produced cast iron fašades and America's finest ornamental cast ironwork."

The author explains the focus of the book in the following way:

"While both cast and wrought architectural and ornamental ironwork are found everywhere, certain American cities have inherited especially great examples of them."

"Since Philadelphia is so rich in its collection of cast iron fašades as well as being home to both the nation's foremost ornamental iron foundry and America's greatest wrought iron craftsman, I chose the Philadelphia area to illustrate Iron's Golden Age."

"Besides providing information on the appropriateness of certain ironwork, this book also discusses and illustrates good and bad practice in the design and fabrication of architectural ironwork. In highlighting what is good ironwork from the past, it is hoped that this book will inspire better ironwork today."

224 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 8" x 10", ę 2000
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