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From Fire to Form
Sculpture from the Modern Blacksmith and Metalsmith

Mathew S. Clarke

Over 500 striking color photos display artworks produced by today's leading blacksmiths and metalsmiths. Revealed here are beautiful sculptures created by long-established and new artists of different generations destined for individual homes, public parks, and other outdoor venues. Ornamental vases, bowls, plates, and containers as well as functional gates, rails, furniture, and lighting are also included.


Both images and text showcase work that may be traditional or groundbreaking in technique, but always in an artistic context. Artists, collectors, gallery owners, museum curators, and those with a burning passion for metal arts, will discover magnificent sculptures by today's blacksmiths and metalsmiths.

256 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 2009
Order Number: SJ268..........$50.00

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