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Dictionary of American Hand Tools
A Pictorial Synopsis

Compiled by Alvin Sellens

Dictionary of American Hand Tools compiled by Alvin Sellers

Here is a fascinating chronicle of nearly every tool ever used in North America, including ancient tools used by Native Americans; trade tools used to create coaches, pianos, ships, and saddles; tools for harvesting farm goods, turpentine, and ice; and tools for fine trades such as bookbinding and watch repair. The tools are organized according to profession, from beekeeper to wheelwright, and will fascinate today's practitioners of these trades and hobbies.


This comprehensive volume includes more than 4,500 images from catalog illustrations and trade literature, as well as hand drawings. Descriptions provide dimensions and applications. A must have for the tool collector, dealer or researcher, plus any practitioner of the early trades.

546 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 8.5" x 11", 2002
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