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Colonial Wrought Iron
The Sorber Collection

Don Plummer

Colonial Wrought Iron is a photographic record and descriptive text of the wrought iron items that have been forged by blacksmiths during the colonial period in America. The Sorber Collection, the largest private collections of wrought iron in America, is forged domestic items, tools, and hardware. Blacksmiths were a vital part of all communal life in colonial America. If there was a need for something with the strength of iron, the blacksmith made itfrom the simplest nail to the most complex jack spit.


Previous needs have become valued design resource. Although colonial smiths have long ago laid down their hammers, the quality of their work lives on. Colonial Wrought Iron is a definitive reference of forged iron of the colonial period in America, where function meets beauty and tools become treasure. For the historian, artist, collector, and blacksmith alike this survey will document yesterday and inspire tomorrow.

256 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 9" x 11", 1999
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