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The Classic Period of American Toolmaking

H.G Brack

This in-depth guidebook will prove to be invaluable guidebook for tool-making enthusiasts and tool collectors. The first approximately 100 pages offer the authors narrative and an overview of this period in toolmaking. The next approximately 300 pages include valuable appendixes.

Appendix A presents the time line and definitions to help clarify the transition from ancient steel- and toolmaking strategies and techniques. Appendix B provides definitions of the various types of iron and steel. Appendix C is a massive listing of 18th and 19th century American toolmaker companies including tool types, marks, unique attributes, and links for additional information. Appendix D lists unidentified toolmakers in the Davistown Museum Collection. The complete, categorized bibliography and extensive index make this book manageable and useable.


382 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8" x 10", 2009
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