The Art of Basketry by Kari Lonning & her team of 23 international basket artists will take your basketry beyond function & into the arena of art with basic training in weaving to winning tips on creating distinctive works.

132 pages, Paperback, Full Color, 9" x 9", 2000
Order Number: CB1893..........$17.95 $12.95

With baskets of fiber, clay, paper, feathers and metal,
Baskets: Tradition & Beyond
features over 180 stunning full color photographs and insightful commentary. It will inspire all who have an appreciation for one of the world's most enduring art forms.

128 pages, Hardcover, 2000
Order Number: CB1865..........$30.00 $21.00

Explore the art of basketry in this idea-filled book for weavers at all levels. Over 300 how-to photographs, guidance on using a fascinating selection of woven styles, and 15 original new patterns combine to offer much more than traditional, historical weaving. Learn the basics, materials, dyes, tools, and techniques; then practice, using all or parts of the book to create your own award-winning designs.

168 pages, Paperback, Full Color, 8.5" x 11", © 2015
Order Number: CB2852..........$24.99


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