Through Endangered Eyes
a poetic journey into the wild

Rachel Allen Dillon

Take a journey across land and sea to meet twenty-one endangered and threatened animals, from the mighty polar bear to the tiny Corroboree frog, the massive humpback whale to the mysterious snow leopard. Through beautiful paintings and intimate poems, you will learn about the lives of these amazing animals and why they are in danger. Pole to pole and across all continents, this book includes species from the green sea turtle to the giant panda, the Chinese alligator to the Mexican spotted owl.

If the stunning art and poignant poetry move you to learn more about these intriguing species, there are activities and organizations listed to help you in your search.

Bring it to the classroom...
This book can inspire lesson plans for several subjects of an elementary class. It includes ideas teachers can bring to their classroom.

About the Author/Illustrator: Born and raised in Madison,Wisconsin, Rachel Dillon earned her bachelor’s degree in art and graphic design from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She lives and works as an artist in the Southwest.Beyond design and fine art, Rachel holds a special interest in ecology, evolution, and extinction. Her passion for animals and endangered species has led her to write about them in hopes that educating others will lead to a more conscientious treatment of these animals and their habitats. To learn more, visit

64 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, © 2009
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