The Workshop Guide to Ceramics

Duncan Hooson & Anthony Quinn

This comprehensive reference source and how-to manual encompasses the wide range of all ceramic techniques into one large, definitive volume. It was written for professional and amateur ceramicists, and for teachers of the art. The Workshop Guide to Ceramics describes materials, processes, tools, forming techniques, surface decoration, firing, glazes, and design of ceramic objects of all kinds. The authors familiarize their readers with the different available types of clay, discussing their colors textures, and uses in detail. They go on to advise on tools and studio equipment as a prelude to instruction in the many different techniques of forming clay objects.

Among those techniques are coil building, slab building, wheel throwing, model making, mold making, press molding, and others. Both pre-firing and post-firing decoration techniques are described. Also discussed in detail are kilns, their different styles and fuels, and how to use them. Artists who plan to develop a ceramics business are advised on creating a portfolio, and on promoting, exhibiting, and selling their work. This all-inclusive reference volume concludes conversion charts and tables, followed by lists of suppliers, galleries, helpful web sites, and more. Features more than 500 color illustrations.

320 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 8.75" x 10", 2012
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