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British Planemakers From 1700,2E

W. L. Goodman

This book, the standard reference work on planemakers, is in two parts: a check list of makers and their marks, proceeded by a history of the planemakers and the tools they made.

It shows how specialist planemakers evolved from general woodworking tradesmen in the early 1700's and it traces the development of the wooden plane up to the author's lifetime.


The history of the plane is told from several points of view: the lives of the makers; the uses fro which different planes were designed; the changing shape of planes (length, profile, wedge, chamfers); makers' marks and those of owners (often of successive generations) all indicating pride in craftsmanship and ownership of an expensive possession.

About the Author:
W. L. Goodman has built up contacts with museums and other authorities around the world, wrote many articles and published this present book and The History of Woodworking Tools, which established him as the authority of the subject. Mr. Goodman has long been a member of the Institute of Handicraft teachers and was recently made an honorary member of the Early American Industries Association and Vice President of the British-American Rhykenological Society which is devoted to the study of the plane.

182 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 7" x 10", 1978
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