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40 Power Tools You Can Make
50 Things to Do with a Penknife

$50 Knife Shop
101 Knife Designs
507 Mechanical Movements*
1800 Mechanical Movements
1895 Montgomery Ward Catalogue

A Century of American Sculpture: The Roman Bronze Works Foundry
A Passion for Metal: Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor
Advertising Openers
A.H. Shipman Bracket Saw Co. 1881*
Albert Paley: Portals & Gates*
American Axes
Am. Cooperage Machinery & Tools*
Am. Foot Power & Hand Power Mach.
American Lathe Builders*
American Levels and Their Makers*
American Level Patents*
American Locomotives in History Photographs 1858 to 1949
American Machinist's Tools*
American Marking Gages*
American Milling Machine Builders*
American Patented Brace 1829-1924*
American Pewterer,The*
Am. Planer, Shaper, Slotter Builders*
American Steam Engine Builders*
American Wrench Makers*
Ancient Carpenter Tools
Antique American Steam Gauge*

Antique Iron
Antique Mining Equipment
Antique Swords & Daggers

Antique Woodworking Tools
Anvils in America
Architectural Ironwork
Art & Craft of the Blacksmith, The
Art Deco Ironwork and Sculpture
Art Nouveau Ironwork of Austria and Hungary
Art of Basketry
Art of Blacksmithing
Art of Coppersmithing*
Art of the Edge Tool
Art of the Sailor
Art of Splitting Stone
Art of Whittling
Artist Blacksmith
Artist-Blacksmith's Craft
Astragal Press T-shirt
Ax Book, The
Axe and Man*

Backyard Blacksmith, The
Backyard Foundry For Home Machinists
Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects
Backyard Lumberjack The Ultimate Guide to Felling, Bucking, Splitting, & Stacking

Backyard Sugarin' A Complete How- To Guide
Barbed Wire The Fence that Changed the West
Barbs, Prongs, Points, Prickers, and Stickers
Barns A Close-Up Look
Basic Carpentry & Interior Design Projects for the Home and Garden
Basic Lathework for Home Machinists
Bemrose on Traditional Woodworking
Berger Handbook 1900 Handbook and Illustrated Catalogue of the Engineers' and Surveryors' Instruments of Precision
Bicycle and Tricycles
Big Book of Gizmos & Gadgets

Big Book of Wooden Locks Complete Plans for Nine Working Wooden Locks, The
Bill Epps DVDs*
Biodiesel Growing a New Energy Economy
Blacksmith's Projects Book, The
Black-smith's Craft, The

Blacksmithing: Manual for Use in School and Shop
Blacksmithing Basics for the Homestead
Blacksmithing Primer*
Blacksmithing Projects
Blacksmithing Techniques: The Basics Explained Step by Step, Complete with 10 Projects
Blacksmith's Project Book, The
Bladesmithing with Murray Carter Modern Application of Traditional Techniques

Book of Old-Time Trades and Tools
Boone Blacksmithing Legacy*
Boone Wrought Iron Works
Bridgeport Hardware Manufacturing Corporation Catalogue*
Brass Valley: The Fall of an American Industry

British Saw and Saw Makers from 1660
British Saws: A History & Collector's Guide
Bronze Sculpture Casting & Patination: Mud, Fire, Metal

Brown & Sharpe Catalog Collection
Buck Brothers 1890 Catalog*
Bugs and Birds - DVD*
Building a Strip Canoe
Building Dry-Stack Stone Walls
Building With Secondhand Stuff
Building With Stone




Calculating on Slide Rule and Disk*
Carriage & Wagon Axles for Horse Drawn Vehicles*
Carriage & Wagon Makers' Machinery
& Tools
Carriage Trimmers Manual*
Casting in Iron, The Art of
Challenge of the Prairie*
Chapin Stephens 1914 Catalog*
Chasing and Repousse
Christopher Gabriel & the Tool Trade
in 18th Century London
Chronicle of EAIA Vol. 1-60 DVD*
Civil War Woodworking Vol. I
Classic Lanterns
Classic Railroad Signals
Classic Period of Am. Toolmaking
Clock Repairing as a Hobby
Coachmakers Illustrated Hand-Book*
Collectible Blowtorches

Collecting Antique Tools*
Collecting Tech*

Colonial Craftsmen

Colonial Silversmith*
Colonial Wrought Iron *
Combat Knives and Knife Combat: Knife Models, Carrying Systems, Combat Techniques
Compass Chronicles

Complete Book of U.S. Military Pocket Knives: From the Revolutionary War to the Present

Complete Dovetail Joints
Complete Metalsmith
Conestoga Wagon
Construction & Principle Uses of Mathematical Instruments*
Contemporary Blacksmith
Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery's 101 Uses for Moonshine
Cowboy Culture: The Last Frontier of American Antiques, 2E
Creative Blacksmithing
Creative Metal Forming
Cyril Colnik: Man of Iron

Damascus Steel
Decorative Ironwork of Italy
Decorative Ironwork: Wrought Iron Gratings, Gates and Railings
Decorative Knots
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork

Dictionary of American Hand Tools

Dictionary of Leather Working Tools*
Dictionary of Woodworking Tools*
Direct Metal Sculpture
Directory of Am. Toolmakers CD-ROM *
Discovering Japanese Handplanes
Dover Stamping Co. 1869*
Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages


Early Am. Copper, Tin & Brass*
Early European Decorated Tools
Early Logging Tools
Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork

Engine's Moan, The*
Essential Guide to the Steel Square
Everyday Artifacts

Fancy Knives: A Complete Analysis & Introduction to Make Your Own
Farm Blacksmithing
Farm Conveniences
Farm Mechanics
Fasc. World of Early Tools & Trades*
Field Guide to the Makers of Am Wooden Planes*
Fifty Years a Planemaker & User
Fireplace Accessories
Fly Press with John - DVD*


Forge Welding Course with Mark Aspery DVD

Forged Animal Heads - DVD*
Forged Dovetail Joint with Monica Coyne DVD

Forging a Striking Knife -DVD
Forging Basics -DVD
Forging Damascus Steel Knives for Beginners
Forging Japanese Knives for Beginners
From Fire to Form
From Forge and Anvil*

Gears and Gear Cutting for Home machinists
Gentleman's Pocket Knife, The

George Rickey: The Early Works
Getting Started with Hand Planes
Gimlet Patterns & Manufacture
Golden Age of Ironwork*
Great Book of Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture
Great Book of Wooden Toys
Greenfield Tool Co. 1872*

Grimshaw on Saws*
Gruber Wagon Works

Guild to American Wooden Planes, A, 5th edition

Guide To Makers of Am. Wood Planes*
Gurley Manual 1874*

H.Chapin 1859 Catalog*
Hammer Making with a Striker with Patrick Quinn
Hammered Copper
Handbook for Ironmongers
Hand Planes for the Modern Shop
Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction
Handsaw Catalog Collection*
Hand Tools: Their Ways & Workings
Handy Farm Devices
Henry Disston & Sons Handbook*
Heritage of English Knives, The
Hew to the Line
History & Geology of the Leesville, Ohio Stone Quarries
History of Old Time Implement Cos. &
the Wrenches They Issued Vol. I, II, III

History of the First Locomotives in Am.
History of The Logarithmic Slide Rule*
History on the Road
Holtzapffel Vol. I*, II*, III*
Home Cheese Making
Homeowner's Complete Guide Chainsaw
Home Blacksmith, The

Homemade Contrivances
Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles
Horse-Drawn Days
Horse-Drawn Military, Civilian, Veterinary Ambulance
Horse Drawn Sleighs, 2nd Edition*
Horseshoe Crafts
Houses of St. Augustine
How to Build Animal Housing
How to Make a Coopered Wdn Bucket*
How to Swing a Hammer Like a Girl (DVD)
Hydraulic Forging Press for the Blacksmith

Illinois Iron & Bolt Co. 1889 Catalog
Iron Menagerie*
Ironwork Today 1, 2, 3, & 4
Ironwork: Dynamic Details

Italian Ironwork: Medieval: Renaissance: Baroque: Neo Classical

Japanese Knife Sharpening: With Traditional Waterstones
Jeans of the Old West
Jewelry Techniques of West Africa (DVD)
John Deere Buggies and Wagons
John Deere, That's Who!
John S. Fray Company 1911 Catalogue*

Joseph Breck & Sons' Illustrated Spring Catalogue*
A Journey into Florida Railroad History

Julius Schramm*

Kitchen Collectibles*
Knife Mechanisms: Just for the Fun of it!*
Knife Mechanisms Volume Two: Still Just for the Fun of it!

Knife Sharpening Made Easy

Last Train to Paradise
Leather Braiding
Learn to Timber Frame
Leaves & Flowers - DVD
Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa
Liner Lock Knives
Living Crafts, Historic Tools

Lockback Folding Knife
Low-Cost Pole Building Construction

Making a Copper Weathervane
Making Full Tang Knives for Beginners
Making Hidden Tang Knives
Making Integral Knives
Making Leather Knife Sheaths
Making Leather Knife Sheaths Vol. 2
Making Leather Knife Sheaths Vol. 3
Making Mobiles
Making Sculpture From Scrap Metal
Making Tongs with Bill Epps - DVD*
Making Traditional Wooden Planes

Making Wood Tools

Mastermyr Find, The*
Math to Build On
Measuring, Marking, and Layout

Mechanical Appliances...

Metal Lathe
Metal Projects
Metal Working

Metalworker's Data Book for Home Machinists
Metalworker's Art: A Pictorial Celebration
Metalworker's Workshop
Micrometers, Calipers, and Gages*
Mind & Hand
Mid-Victorian Elwell Catalogue*

Milk Cans

Millers Falls 1887 Catalog
Milling Machine
Mining in the Old West
Mini-Lathe Tools and Projects for Home Machinist
Model Building with Brass
Model Engine-Making
Modern Steam Engines*
Mokume gane Jewelry: Make a Bracelet
Mokume gane Jewelry: Make a Pillow Pendant
More Makers of Am. Machinists' Tools*
Motorcycles, Planes, & Revolutions
Mousehole Forge
Mr.Marquois's Most Useful Pair of Scales
Museum of Early American Tools
My Life As Artist-Blacksmith

New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry
New Edge of the Anvil*
New Woodturning Techniques and Projects

Norris Metal Planes*
Norwegian Wood

On Body and Soul
Old-Fashioned Toolmaking
Old Time Gates & Fences and How to Build Them

Ore to Axe DVD
Organic Metalworking Volume One - The Grapevine
Ornamental Turning*

Pattern Book of Tools & Hshld Goods*
Paracord Knife Handle Wraps
Pattern Makers Assistant*
Paul Kebabian*
Peck Stow & Wilcox Centennial*
Pedro S. de Movellan: Complete Works
Pioneer Plowmaker*
Plain and Ornamental Forging*
Plane Talk
Planer Truth*
Planning Project Construction*
Pocket-Knife Making for Beginners
Pocket-Watch Slide Rules*
Point Of It All, The*

Pole Building Projects
Practical Blacksmithing
Practical Carriage Building*
Practical Carriage & Wagon Painting*
Practical Casting
Practical Knots & Ropework
Prairie Lightning
Precision Handcutting of Dovetails
Preston 1909 Catalog*
Price Guide to Antique Tools, 4E*
Prices Realized on Rare
Imprinted American Wooden Planes
Professional Smithing*
Punch & Drift Course with Mark Aspery DVD

Rafter Layout*
Railroad History on Am. Postage Stamps*
Record Tools*
Reinventing the Chicken Coop
Restoring Antique Tools*

Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects
River of Conflict, River of Dreams
Root Cellars in America
Roy Visits Colonial Williamsburg DVD
The Rule Book*
Russell Jennings Manuf. Co. Catalog*

Samuel Yellin: Metalworker *
Sandusky Tools 1877 Catalog*
Sandusky Tools 1925 Catalog*
Sawhorse Layout*
Self-Sufficiency Handbook
Sharpening and Knife Making
Sharpening Woodworking Tools
Shirt, Astragal Press
A Short History of Technology
Sheet Metal Skills
Skills of a Blacksmith
Sledges & Wheeled Vehicles*
Slide Rule: Simplified, Explained...*
Slide Rules: A Journey...*
Slide Rules: Their History...*

Smithing with the Handheld Pneumatic Hammer*
The Soul of a Tree

A Source Book for Rule Collectors
Splicing Wire & Fiber Rope
Stanley Catalog Collection*
Stanley Combination Plane*
Stanley Woodworking Tools
Steel- Toolmaking Strategies & Techs.
Storey's Basic Country Skills
Sundials Their Construction and Use
Swept Away: The Vanishing Art of Broom Making
Sword: Myth & Reality: Technology, History, Fighting, Forging, Movie Swords, The

Tales from the Blue Ox*
This Was Logging
This Was Sawmilling
Thomas Wilson's Ironwork Notebooks: Inspiration from a Master
Tinsmith's Helper & Pattern Book*
Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton*
Tool & Cutter Sharpening for Home Machinists
Tool Tales*
Tools: A Guide for Collectors*

Tools Teach
Tools That Built America

Toolshed Coloring Book
Torque and Torque Wrenches*
Town-Country Old Tools
Tracking and Reading Sign
Traditional Wooden Handplanes
Turn-of-the-Century Farm Tools
Turning Lathes*

Ult. Guide to Home Butchering
Useful Machine Shop Tools to Make

Universe of Metal Sculpture

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book
The Village Carpenter

Vintage Woodworking Machinery*

Weekend Woodturning Projects
Welding Complete, 2E

Whips and Whipmaking
Wild & Wacky Birdhouses & Feeders

Wm. T. Wood & Co 1888 Ice Tools Catalog

Wood Identification & Use
Woodcarving Magic
Wood Pallet Projects
Wooden Plane*

Wooden Plow Planes*
Woodwork Joints
Woodworkers Guide to Handplanes
Woodwright's Companion
Woodwright's Guide
Woodwright's Shop
Woodwright's Workbook

Working Drawings of Horse Drawn Vehicles
Working with Hand Tools

Yesterday's Farm Tools & Equipment

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