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The Axe and Man

Charles Heavrin

A wonderful book that covers the vast range of axes used throughout time and throughout the world, starting with the early stone hand-axes of the Paleolithic period through the flint, copper, and bronze axes of early civilizations, the early iron axes of the medieval age, and the production of steel axes made possible by the Industrial Revolution. Included are discussions of all axe types from celts to hand axes, tomahawks to hatchets, pebble tools to broad axes, plus a chapter on special axes.


The author, one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, gives detailed descriptions of the axes, how they were made and the materials used, and the evolution of their design over time. Accompanying the descriptions are over 100 photographs of the axes, many seen only in museums.

The axe was one of man’s earliest tools, and remained one of his most important almost until the present day. Yet over the tens of thousands of years of its use, the changes in its fundamental design have been surprisingly small. Its methods and materials of fabrication have changed dramatically, though, reflecting the advances in man’s technological skills.

182 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 8.5" x 11", B&W, © 1998
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“…fascinating reading and shows the axe in a living, historical light.”
—Fine Tool Journal

“A wonderful book…students of the history of technology and tool collectors alike will find this fascinating.” —Antiques Journal

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