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American Wrench Makers
1830-1930, 2nd Edition

Kenneth L. Cope

American Wrench Makers: 1830-1930, 2nd Ed. by

In response to popular demand, Ken Cope has fully and completely revised his original groundbreaking book on the wrench, one of the most mechanically intriguing of all tools. In this revision, the author covers an additional 20 years of wrench-making and adds almost 200 new entries to his identification and description of wrench makers.


In addition, he has made additions to 60 of his existing entries. As before, each listing shows the maker's location, history, period of operation and known products, with profuse illustrations taken primarily from catalogs of the period.There is, once again, a Wrench Identification section that cross-references patent dates and trade names (frequently the only marking on a wrench) to the actual maker.

As with Cope's previous pioneering works on American machinist's tool and their makers, this volume provides an extremely comprehensive and valuable historical directory to this fascinating tool and its underlying technology. It is a truly unique reference source for collectors, dealers and researchers.

352 pages, Paperback, B&W, 7" x 10", 2002
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"This book will be a big help to collectors in identifying the maker and the period in which the wrench was manufactured." — The Gristmill

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