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American Machinist's Tools

Kenneth L. Cope

American Machinist's Tools, An Illustrated Directory of Patents by Kenneth L. Cope

This much-needed Directory includes over 1000 fully indexed and illustrated patents, covering all American machinist's tools patented through 1905 and the more important ones patented between 1906 and 1916.

There are jointed or spring calipers and dividers; beam calipers and compasses and trammels; centering tools and gages; indicators and thickness gages; levels; protractors and circle dividers; rules; squares and bevels; surface gages; speed indicators; and much more.


Each patent is represented by at least one illustration, and each is indexed in three separate ways: alphabetically by patentee name, chronologically by date and patent number, and by type of tool. Required for anyone interested in American machinist’s tools.

424 pages, Paperback, B&W, 7" x 10", © 1993
Order Number:AP409.........$29.95

“This is an extremely useful book, long overdue and not likely to be soon supplanted. It is invaluable to the collector and dealer.” —Tools & Technology

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