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Turning & Mechanical Manipulation
This reprint series makes available three of the Holtzapffel classic five-volume work Turning & Mechanical Manipulation (Vol. IV & V are out of print). These books have been described as "possibly the greatest work in the English language dealing with the lathe and its accessory apparatus" and as "a mine of information on woodworking tools and methods that will never be surpassed."

480 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9.25", 1994
Order Number: AP468...........$30.00
Volume I: Materials, Their Choice, Preparation and Various Modes of
Working Them

Originally published in 1843. It covers in detail the full range of materials that can be used, why they are chosen, how they are prepared and worked: descriptions of the ornamental characteristics and stability of the various types of wood useful for joinery and turnery; the combining of woods; how to avoid shrinkage, warping and splitting. Bone, shell, ivory, horn, tortoise are described, with explanations of how they are prepared, cut, bent, joined, molded and inlayed. Also covered are the use of amber, slate, marble, semi-precious and precious stones; the manufacture of cast and malleable iron; forging iron and steel; and much more. *300 images*

595 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9.25", © 1994
Order Number: AP395..........$30.00
Volume II: Construction, Action and Application of Cutting Tools
Volume II was written in 1846 and covers the construction, action, and application of cutting tools and the machines derived from hand tools. This reproduction of the 1875 edition contains over 700 illustrations with detailed explanations of the various types of chisels, planes and plane irons, tools used for turning, and boring, screw cutting, saws (including sharpening and cutting teeth), files, shears and punches, screw cutting apparatus, vises, spindles, and planing and shaping machines. An invaluable reference, once again available. *700 images*

816 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9.25", 1994
Order Number: AP476...........$32.50
Volume III: Abrasive and Other Processes Not Accomplished With Cutting Tools
This reprint of is the first to include the supplemental 300 pages of revisions and 250 additional woodcuts provided by John Jacob Holtzapffel in 1894, thus making available the complete text of this very rare book.
Volume III covers in complete detail processes used to reduce and shape other than with cutting tools: the shaping and polishing of stone and marble; the grinding and sharpening of cutting tools to precise forms and angles; the producing of cylindrical, spherical, conical and plane surfaces by abrasion and surface grinding; glass cutting and etching, lens grinding and polishing; the use of diamonds in drilling and grinding; and much more.
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