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Sheet Metal Work

Marcus Bowman

A comprehensive and practical guide to the manufacture of sheet metal parts covering specialist tools, techniques, and practical projects. Sheet metal is a common and widely used material which can be easily worked using hand tools or simple machinery. There are lots of opportunities for designing, making, and using sheet metal parts to produce elegant, effective, and low-cost solutions for new items, and repairs and modifications to existing components. This new guide takes a practical approach to the manufacture of sheet metal parts, and explains how you can make full use of hand tools and machines to produce ambitious, high-quality works. Topics covered include the use of specialist tools, such as snips, nibblers, folders, the jenny, the flypress, punches, and dies, and a guide to techniques for manufacturing a wide range of sheet metal arts, including marking out, cutting, bending, joining, and finishing. There are also practical projects used to illustrated the use of the techniques and tools discussed.


160 pages, hardcover, Color, 9" x 10.8", © 2015
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