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Knife Mechanisms
Just for the Fun of It!

By: LeRoi Price

From opening SNAP! the closing CLICK! This is a guided tour through the inner working of folding knives, all their parts, and how they function. Mechanisms covered include assisted openers, automatic switchblades, lock back, slip joint, and many more. This is not an all inclusive book, but there is a wealth of information including is some biography information on knife designers and makers, hundreds of drawings, photos, and illustrations.

This book further discusses the mechanics and physics of knife making, and knife lore. We don't call it "just for the fun of it" for nothing. This book can get technical and it can get light-hearted. It is neither a how to book nor a coffee table book. But if your are a serious pocket knife collector or a knife maker, you might find it a fun and useful book.


272 pages, B&W, Paperback, 8.5" x 11" © 2014
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