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River of Conflict, River of Dreams
Three Hundred Years on the Upper Mississippi

Biloine Whiting Young

A richly detailed history of the early Upper Mississippi as the major highway into America's Midwest frontier for Native Americans and for pioneers. Birchbark canoes, romantic passenger steamboats, log rafts, and grain barges all traveled Mark Twain's river. The commercial life of the Mississippi ended with the coming of the railroad. Dams and locks then constricted the river, bringing floods and dumping refuse and sewage into the water.


Ignored and abused, the river was disregarded by communities for over a century. Today the Mississippi River is in the midst of a renaissance. Now, with the water clean enough to swim in, environmentalists and developers use the river thoughtfully. No longer shunning this water lifeline, communities are returning to its banks for housing, recreation and pleasure.

River of Conflict, River of Dreams is a hefty-size trade paperback that should enrich the library of any boater who ever read Mark Twain, listened to the tunes of "Showboat," or just plain dreamed of boating more and further on Old Man River. --Marlin Bree. THE ENSIGN of the U. S. Power Squadron

320 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9", © 2004
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