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Mokume gane Jewelry: Make a Bracelet

By: Chris Ploof

You'll love this if:
· You want to create jewelry from mokumé gané without creating mokumé gané itself.
· You want to craft visually stunning jewelry using mokumé gané, and learn important considerations for working with this richly patterned, multicolored, layered metal stock.
· You want to learn artisan jewelry making techniques that will help you stand out.
· Mold mokumé gané
Craft a one-of-a-kind bangle bracelet with unique mixed metal pattern
Twist, form, and cut your way to beautiful mokumé gané jewelry from pre-made stock without the work of creating the billet. Join artist and mokumé gané ninja Chris Ploof as he details the steps you need to create a stylish bracelet from pre-made mokumé gané stock. From simple tips for cutting into your mokumé gané to display the pattern, to soldering squarely and flawless finishing for your bracelet, discover all the must-have considerations you won't want to miss. By the end of this 98-minute video you'll have a beautifully patterned multi-metaled bracelet.
Whether you're looking to jump-start your skills in mokumé gané with tangible end results, or are hunting for important jewelry making tips applicable to all metal jewelry, this workshop DVD is a must have!
Get your copy of this DVD workshop today to:
· Learn every step from bending the bracelet to finishing your project!
· Explore specific considerations for working with mokumé gané that you need to know for successfully creating jewelry from this medium.
· Discover safety advice important for jewelry making with any metals.
· Get expert tool recommendations and advice applicable for all metal jewelry!
· Add depth and dimension to your mokumé gané by playing with asymmetric, symmetric, and complex patterning by twisting and filing the stock.
· And more!

98 minutes, © 2014
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