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Metalsmith Essentials:
Master the Jeweler's Saw

By: Michael David Sturlin

You'll love this if:
· You want to learn important sawing skills.
· You want to progress from cutting straight lines to complex shapes.
· You want to learn about one of the first tools to master for basic metalsmithing.
Saw like a pro!
Dive into the fundamentals for working with this important tool
Join goldsmith and jewelry artist Michael David Sturlin for his 99-minute video workshop dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of successfully using a jewele's saw. Packed with helpful tips and tricks,master this essential tool that will become an instant favorite and will open doors to your design potential.
Overcome the main obstacles of sawing as you learn expert tips for spanning the blade, keeping it taut, and holding the tool correctly to allow for maximum movement. Begin with advice for sawing a straight line, and then progress to curves, stairs, peaks, waves, spirals, and beyond. Learn important techniques for visualizing where the saw is going, controlling it to cut where it should, and making simple adjustments if it goes astray.
Order your copy of this workshop DVD today to:
· Learn how to get comfortable with a saw so you can successfully practice for accuracy later.
· Discover how to hold your tool with tender finesse for precision and comfort.
· Get detailed information about posture, hand position, tension tightness when holding the work, and proper grip strengths for successful sawing.
· Learn how to listen to the sound of the saw to determine possible problems.
· Avoid stressing when you break a saw blade (it happens!) and learn solutions for other common mishaps.
· And much more!

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