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Metal Working
Real World Know-How You Wish You Learned in High School

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Metal working projects confront every homeowner. From installing and maintaining galvanized metal rain gutters and downspouts, to repairing and augmenting ductwork for hot air heating systems, to cutting and joining iron and copper pipe for plumbing repairs and installations, Metal Working will help the handy homeowner tackle many of these tasks himself, saving money and guaranteeing good results. Although home metalworking is not as widespread as woodworking, many home workshops include metalworking equipment.


This book will give the reader a basic introduction to metalworking tools, skills, and techniques. Covering everything from understanding the differences among the various metals and their alloys, to cutting metal with a hacksaw, the reader will learn all the fundamentals of working with metal through finishing surfaces by grinding, polishing and patinating.

136 pages, Paperback, Full Color, 7.5" x 9", 2011
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