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The Skills of a Blacksmith
Mark Aspery

Volume I, Mastering the Fundamentals of Blacksmithing is an expanded collection of course text from the author's own blacksmith school. This book represents 120 hours of student learning in a project based home workshop environment. The author leads the student from the basic tenets of blacksmithing through to more complex projects step-by-step. An emphasis is placed on guiding the smith through making, heat treating and using his/her own tools throughout the book. The book starts with the laws and principles of blacksmithing.
300 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 2006
Order Number: SJ240...........$59.00
Volume II, Mastering the Fundamentals of Leafwork offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on the processes involved in blacksmithing leaves. This information, like that in Volume 1 is an expanded collection of course text from the author's own blacksmith school and his many demonstrations. Included is information on the related tooling needed to be successful in leafwork and how to make many of the necessary jigs, dies, and tooling.
300 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 2009
Order Number: SJ241........$59.00
Volume III, Mastering the Fundamentals of Traditional Joinery guides the blacksmith in developing the technical skills and under-standing necessary for forging traditional joints. Mark Aspery's concise step-by-step descrip-tions complement over 1,600 crisp photographs that take the smith from developing the required tooling through to the completed joinery projects. Heel tenons, collars, square corners, punching and drifting and tool-making are some of the subjects included within the book.
368 pages, Hardcover, B&W, 9" x 12", © 2013
Order Number: SJ242.............$59.00

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