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Rebuilding the
Little Giant Power Hammer

Workshop by H. "Sid" Suedmeier

The Little Giant Power Hammer Rebuilding Workshop Sid Suedmeier completely rebuilds a 25 LB Little Giant in this 3 1/2 hour DVD set. Professionally filmed, this DVD is full of detailed information and close ups of repairs.


Disc One:
Intro and History
Different Styles
Repair of Parts
Pouring Babbitt Bearings
Pouring Lower Bearings
Pouring Upper Bearings
Trim Bearings
Disc Two:
Pouring Babbitt for Clutch Pulley Cleaning
Shaft Assembly
Reline Clutch
Repaired and New Parts
Assembly of Hammer
Proper Spring Adjustment
Additional Information
New Style Hammer
Final Remarks

3.5 hours, DVD, 2008
Order Number: SJ278............$95.00

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