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The John S. Fray Company
1911 Catalogue No. 26

Illustrated Catalogue of Fray's Bit Braces, Breast and Hand Drills, Hollow Handle Tool Sets, etc.
Antique Tools & Trades in Connecticut (A.T.T.I.C.)

BrThe John S. Fray & Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut built an early reputation and brace building success upon the initial patent of Nelson Spofford who’s first patent was for a type of split chuck, often termed a "clamshell" chuck. John Fray apparently began manufacturing Spofford braces in partnership with a gentleman named Horace Pigg. Early braces are marked, "Fray & Pigg Manrs / Bridgeport, Conn" and "Spofford’s Pat / Nov 1, 1859". Stanley continued to produce braces using this design until at least 1942. Subsequent braces are marked only "John S. Fray & Co / Bridgeport, Conn. USA". This fully illustrated catalog includes braces, hand drills, breast drills, extension bit holders, hollow handle tool sets, pin vises, chucks, and more!


44 pages, paperback, b&w, 5.5” x 8.5”, © 1911 & reprinted 1994

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