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Jewelry Techniques of West Africa
Matthieu Cheminée

232 pages, Hardcover,
Full Color, 10.5" x 9.1",
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Legacy: Jewelry Techniques of West Africa
With little more than an anvil and a small box of tools, successive generations of jewelers in West Africa have developed a style of working in silver and gold renowned the world over. While many books have been published documenting jewelry artifacts of Africa, few have documented the makers, their process and their traditions until now.

135 minutes. 1 DVD. 2014
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Jewelry Techniques of West Africa (DVD)
For the first time, this DVD provides access to the workshops of jewelers in Senegal, Guinea, Mali, and other countries of West Africa. In keeping with the apprenticeship traditions of the region, viewers are invited to learn by watching. In this way, the ambiance of the African workshops is preserved. Matthieu Cheminée demonstrates some of the ingenious handmade tools used by these artists, and in the Resources section, he explains some of the basic procedures that will be especially helpful for craftsmen inspired to practice these techniques.


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