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Ironwork Today
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Here is an exciting foray into the world of the artist-blacksmith. Blacksmiths today make monumental and modest architectural accompaniments-public art and an infinite number of items we encounter every day. 256 pages, Hardcover, Full Color, 11.25" x 8.75"

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With this book, you will gain an appreciation of the medium and its creators. Over 480 color photographs highlight objects for indoor and outdoor use, including fences, railings, gates, doors, sculpture, furniture, lighting fixtures, candleholders, and more. 2006

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Hundreds of beautiful color photos display the varied, impressive iron artwork from today's artist-blacksmiths. See a variety of styles, from Modern to Victorian, in original works for homes, offices, and public spaces. This book will quickly become a prized possession, critical reference, and an inspiration for homeowners, designers, artists, and blacksmiths alike. © 2008
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Over 450 vivid color photos provide a sweeping overview of the amazing range of iron artwork being created by 82 of today's artist-blacksmiths. These works in metal are found in public spaces, offices, and homes. They vary in size from small, everyday objects to staggering public monuments. The pieces, discussed by the artists who made them, include sculpture, gates, railings, furniture, lighting fixtures, doors, locks, & much more. 2011

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Hundreds of detailed color photos provide a sweeping overview of the wide range of iron artwork being created by over 90 of today s artist-blacksmiths. These fascinating works of art in metal are found in homes, offices, and public spaces alike. This book will be a valued reference guide and inspiration source for homeowners, designers, artists, and blacksmiths as a fascinating snapshot of the current trends in this vibrant, growing, changing field of artistic endeavor. 2014

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