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Horse-drawn Military, Civilian,
Veterinary Ambulances

The archives of the Carriage Museum of America provides the foundation for yet another unique book for horse-drawn vehicles, focusing on ambulances. There have been only a handful of books published about ambulances - some of them being very authoritative treatises. The first section of the book covers the military ambulance focusing on the specifications and drawings that could be found for building such vehicles. In order that civil-war re-enactors can make a complete and authentic turnout the specifications for the harness is included. The second section of the book begins with the history of civilian ambulance. This chapter contains the drawings and specifications that were printed in the Hub and Carriage Monthly for the professional carriage builders-published monthly. Section three of the book is veterinary ambulances for horses drawn by horses-with a few small animal ambulances for cats and dogs. The book covers a variety of topics related to the horse drawn ambulances, with something of interest to anyone interested in history, horses, ambulances, or military history.

370 pages, Paperback, 8.5" x 11", 2004 (reprint)
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