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The History & Geology of the Leesville,
Ohio Stone Quarries

Dana Martin Batory

Besides explaining the geology of the once famous sandstone deposit, the work details the histories of the quarries, tracing their development from their beginnings in the 1830s to their demise in 1912. At one time, the Leesville Stone Co. was a million dollar a year business and employed two hundred men. The commercial quarrying of sandstone in Leesville began and ended in Lowe-Volk Park.

The book also explains the quarrying and processing methods and describes the various products that were sold locally, throughout Ohio, and out of state as well. This book is illustrated with over 150 vintage and color photos, maps, and engravings of the quarries past and present, the machinery, tools, and products.



204 pages, Paperback, Color and B&W, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", ©2014
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