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The Fly Press
with John Crouchet

In The Fly Press, you will learn to evaluate used fly presses, what to look for in a new press, how to make tooling, and much more. John also demonstrates many common blacksmith operations on the fly press such as making tenons, veining, straightening stock, bending precise circles and hot stamping. All of these techniques are shown to you in the exceptional way that Love of Art Productions has come to be known for clear, up close, and easily understood video instruction. John Crouchet says, "If you're working cold you may be making money!" What a novel idea!
As a working blacksmith, John Crouchet forges everything from candlesticks to railings and manufactures specialized tooling for fly presses. He has over thirty years of experience on fly presses, presswork, tooling, and techniques.


 DVD, Full Color, 39 minutes 2004
Order Number: AP-TT1400..........$36.95


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