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Don Rosebrook

American Levels and Their Makers, Vol. 1 by Don Rosebrook
297 pages, Hardcover,
8.5" x 11", B&W, ©

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American Levels and Their Makers:
Volume 1

A groundbreaking book on levels, from the leading expert in this area of tool collecting. The author’s meticulous research covers over 80 companies and individuals that made and/or sold levels in New England, starting with the earliest known level maker in 1743 and proceeding through the mid-twentieth century. For each maker, Rosebrook provides historical background and a full discussion of the maker’s product lines, accompanied by hundreds of photographs of sample levels (many in color) and, where possible, an indication of the level’s rarity. Also included are an extensive section on the Stanley Rule & Level Co., a full discussion of the product lines of such Boston area makers as Watts and Harmon, type studies for Davis, Stratton, and Stanley levels, many broadsides, instruction sheets, and other advertisements, and much more. The levels photographed for this volume come from collections all over the United States.
Approx. 600 illustrations; 84 in color.
American Level Patents, Vol. 1 by Don Rosebrook
256 pages, Paperback, B&W, 7" x 10", © 2000
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American Level Patents Illustrated and Explained: Volume 1
In this companion to American Levels and Their Makers, Vol. I, the author presents that great rarity—a book on patents that both illustrates the patents (in a size large enough to be useful) and explains them. Two hundred and ten level patents are pictured and explained here, with explanations keyed to the patent drawings. They illustrate the major and continuing contributions by L.L. Davis, Justus Traut, the Stratton Bros., and L.S. Starrett, among others.
To aid in identification, each patent is triply indexed: by date, patentee, and category (e.g., inclinometer, sighting level, adjustment mechanism, etc.). In addition, the book provides a brief history of the men who obtained the patents, information on whether, when, and how the patents were used, the progression of “improvements” in patent concepts over time, and information that may be useful in identifying mystery levels.
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