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Dividing: Tools and Techniques

Alexander du Pré

This new practical guide to dividing, or indexing, shows how to achieve maximum versatility from a limited range of tooling. Whether new to the process or looking to enhance your skills, this book will introduce you to a range of dividing methods, and explains how to achieve the best results, both with and without specialist dividing tools. With step-by-step instructions and photography throughout, it will help you to achieve maximum versatility from a limited range of tooling, with methods that are applicable to other machining operations. There is information about dividing with the "coordinate method" and using the lathe, dividing with gears and dividing plates, and using the dividing head, the rotary table, and the spin indexer, as well as electronic dividing methods. Alongside all of this are a range of illustrative diagrams, and a selection of case studies showing application of practical techniques.


128 pages, hardcover, Color, 9" x 10.8", © 2015
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