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Christopher Gabriel & Benjamin Seaton

92 pages, Paperback, B&W, 8.25" x 10.5", © 1997
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Christopher Gabriel and the Tool Trade in 18th Century London
Jane and Mark Rees

“The book” of Christopher Gabriel, planemaker and tool seller in London from 1770 until 1809, has fortuitously survived to give those inter-ested in tools and trades a unique insight into a family business in late 18th century London. From this and other sources it has been poss-ible to draw a picture of a small but developing business in an uncommon trade—planemaker and tool seller—and to trace Gabriel’s connec-tions with other toolmakers of the time, both in London and elsewhere. Perhaps the most valuable parts of the Gabriel legacy are the two inventories of his stock that have survived. These inventories, which list his stock in some detail, are reproduced in full in the book with commentary by the authors to aid under-standing. Included in this publication is a descriptive review of a group of his products.

180 pages, Paperback, Full Color,
8" x 11",
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The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton
The Tools and Trades History Society

The Seaton Chest, now in the Guildhall Museum, Rochester, Kent, is the finest and most complete surviving example of an 18th century cabinet-makers kit in Britain, if not in the world. The tools, which are generally in little used condition, were bought in 1796 by Joseph Seaton, cabinet-maker, of Chatham, Kent, for his 21-year-old son, Benjamin. They were supplied by Christopher Gabriel and Sons. Benjamin made a fine tool chest for his new tools and recorded their cost in an inventory which survives with the chest. In the 1st edition of this publication, the chest and its tools, many of which will be unfamiliar to today's craftsman, are described and set in context. This 2nd edition, includes a consid-erable amount of new information about the tools and the chest and also a description of the making of a replica chest for Colonial


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