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Boone Blacksmithing
Don Plummer

The Boone Blacksmithing Legacy
One of the most fascinating legacies in American history is that of the Boone family that gave us that famous pioneer, Daniel Boone. This book tells the story and history of the Boone blacksmiths - beginning centuries ago, including Daniel Boone VII, and continuing with his sons Tom and Mike. Daniel Boone, the seventh, likes to say he walks in the footsteps of giants. And indeed he does. In addition to the insightful history and detailed photos, included here are instructions on Making Dragons as done by Daniel Boone VII and a photo gallery of some of Dan's other work. Tom Boone gives detailed instructions on how to make a fireplace set; and Mike "Smyth" Boone offers us insight on finding and sharing inspiration through blacksmithing and ironwork.

112 pages, Paperback, B&W, 6" x 9", © 2012
Order Number: AP-SJ251.......$16.95

Boone Wrought Iron
Products & Practices
This book is about the marketing and production skills of blacksmith Daniel Boone VII and his wife, Judy, of Louisa, VA. It shows, in finest photographic detail, the product line that has made Daniel Boone a successful and much admired blacksmith. Explanatory tips are provided where appropriate. It permits the interested observer to study technique, style, color, form and size to better understand the essential elements of these products and how they maintain their integrity of style and function.

76 pages, Paperback, Full Color, 8" x 8", © 2010
Order Number: SJ251.........$19.95
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