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Bill Epps DVDs
This DVD is the first in a series featuring Mesquite, Texas blacksmith, Bill Epps. A nice introductory collage of images, underscored by folk music and a quote from Longfellow's The Blacksmith, gives the viewer a clue that these videos are going to be different from most of what's out there on the how-to market....READ MORE
DVD, Full Color, 33 minutes 2002
Order Number: AP-TT1500..........$32.95
This video is the second in a series released by Love of Art Productions. Making Tongs shows the blacksmith making three different styles of tong joints with three different tong heads....READ MORE
DVD, Full Color, 35 minutes 2002
Order Number: AP-TT1525..........$32.95


Third in a series, this video features Bill Epps, a Mesquite, Texas blacksmith, demonstrating some of the techniques for making flower and leaf motifs for decorative projects. There are 5 leaves and 5 flowers demonstrated....READ MORE
DVD, Full Color, 52 minutes 2002
Order Number: AP-TT1550..........$39.95

Continuing in the vein of its companion video, Leaves and Flowers, this dvd demonstrates some insect and bird motifs that can be used and adapted for whimsical decorative work and garden-themed pieces. Epps is shown creating critters such as....READ MORE
DVD, Full Color, 37 minutes 2002
Order Number: AP-TT1575..........$34.95

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