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The Big Book of Wooden Locks
Complete Plans for Nine Working Wooden Locks

Tim Detweiler

These unique projects for making working locks entirely from wood will present an an exciting challenge to woodworkers. "The Big Book of Wooden Locks" presents all of the most popular wooden lock projects of Tim Detweiler, the "Lock Man," from his first two books (Making Working Wooden Locks and Making More Working Wooden Locks). Detweiller's beautiful and complex wooden lock designs have captivated woodworkers around the world. These amazing projects are all fully functional and are constructed entirely in wood, with no metal parts.
Step-by-step instructions, complete dimensioned drawings, and color photographs give readers complete information on constructing each project. These intricate designs will challenge readers' woodworking skills, teach techniques for creating wooden mechanisms and puzzles, and produce impressive, beautiful creations that testify to the builder's skill and woodworking accomplishments. From a simple warded lock with key to a complex push-button combination lock, these projects are fantastic conversation starters and make highly impressive gifts.
NOTE: This item DOES NOT include the plan for "Bank and Safe" from Making More Working Wooden Locks. That is available in item number 15-122, the PDF download of Making More Working Wooden Locks. All other plans from the first two books are included in The Big Book of Wooden Locks.


152 pages, Paperback, Full color, 10.9" x 8.5", © 2015
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