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The Artist Blacksmith
Peter Parkinson

There is a romance and magic in the use of fire to transform such an unprepossessing
material into objects of utility and beauty, giving life to inert metal.

160 pages, Hardcover,
Full Color, 8" x 10", 2001
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Design & Techniques
This book explains all the fundamental blacksmit-hing processes in detail, illustrating them with more than 200 diagrams and photographs. Inspirational examples of the work of today's artist blacksmiths illustrate the imaginative use of particular techniques in the making of a wide variety of products. Written by a leading smith and drawing on his wide-ranging experience, the techniques are presented as the building blocks from which craft skills can develop and individual designs can be created.

2.5 hours. DVD. 2007
Order Number: SJ234...........$50.00

Techniques in Action DVD
Peter Parkinson, a former designer and art college lecturer, is now a full-time artist blacksmith who has taught many short courses in Britain and America. In this video Peter demonstrates the fundamental techniques of working with iron and steel with a view to using these skills creatively in designs. Subjects include: tapering, upsetting and spreading, hot cutting, punching, twisting, bending, joining, toolmaking, and finishing.

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